How can we help you get your
music heard and sold on
There are two ways.
If you wish to send us your material,
you may include an mp3 attachment in
your e-mail (please type
in the subject line) and send it to:
You may also send us a CD, tell us more about your music, and provide us with
more information by filling out the following form:
Your name:
Your email address:
Your phone number:
  1. You may contact musicsubmit, with whom we are affiliated with. Follow their
    simple instructions on how to promote your music. Your music may be
    promoted by many radio stations besides us. If you want music/submit to
    send us your material for consideration as well, please be sure to tell them
  2. You may submit the material directly to us for consideration. We will be
    happy to evaluate your works for the possibility of broadcasting a special
    show about you and your music, including your material in our playlists,
    and/or helping you sell your material. Please note that any material you send
    us is non-returnable and allow 90 days to receive a response because of the
    tremendous volume of material we get.
Now, if your material does not fit one of the following genres, your best bet would be
to send it to music/submit:
  1. Bossanova
  2. Smooth Jazz
  3. Cool Jazz
  4. Sophisticated Jazz
  5. Comedy (for the whole family)
  6. Talk segments (for the whole family)

We will even consider some forms of:
  1. New Wave
  2. Contemporary
  3. R&B
  4. Blues
  5. Latin American
  6. Hip Hop
  7. Rap
  8. Soul

Please note that we only accept a small percentage of what comes in due to the
enormous volume, so hope for the best, but be prepared to try more venues. The
music business is a highly competitive business and only the tenacious and
persistant usually have half a chance. So, if we don't accept your material, you
should definately keep trying if that's what you want to do.

If your music fits one of the top 4 genres listed above (Bossanova, Smooth Jazz,
Cool Jazz, and Sophisticated Jazz) then we suggest that you do give us a try. You
can try the other genres, but the chances are slimmer in those categories due to the
genres of our station.

The choice is yours (you can send your material to us and to music/submit if you

To contact music submit, please click here: