Hammond X66.com   by   Paco de la Rosa.
RadioCHROMA is in the process of
producing a brand new show about the
fabulous instrument you see above!
The instrument is a Hammond X-66
electronic organ. Despite the fact that
the X-66 came out in the 60's, It is a
work of art that always appears to be
contemporary in design no matter what
year or decade it is. On this new show,
you will hear the lush sounds of the
X-66 proving that this instrument is
equally impressive to the ear as it is to
the eye.

RadioCHROMA would like to
introduce Paco de la Rosa (seen
above) to our stations listeners. Paco
has a web page that is a virtual X-66
LAND, where people who own or
admire this instrument will find a world
of X-66's. Please visit his web site and
learn more about this classic musical

The following are listeners that will be featured or
have been featured on our programs. Please click
on the image for more information.