The first new show in this series is called 'CUBES'. Now, finally, there is a place
where one can learn how to play that mysteriously challenging yet basically simple
game called 'CRAPS'. Too many people miss out on all the fun at a casino because
they are intimidated by the fast paced and seemingly difficult game. Yet the game
seems to fascinate everyone who walks by a crap table. People can't help but to
watch enviously. Well, you never have to walk by a crap table again and wish you
could get involved. Next time you're at the casino, you'll want to jump in...Hey, the
water's fine!
*RadioCHROMA disclaimer: Please note that our broadcasts are intended for entertainment only. We want our listeners
to benefit by being entertained while participating in this learning experience.  We want to urge all of our listeners to
comply with all local jurisdictions, statutes, and age restrictions if they intend to go beyond the 'just for fun stage' in any
casino of their choice. We, at RadioCHROMA, are of the opinion that a gaming experience is a pleasant experience if it
is a controlled experience. Please, exercise control and good judgement at all times. That's what real winning is all
about. RadioCHROMA wants you to enjoy our shows and improve, as well as enhance, your gaming experiences.
Friday evenings at 6PM!
This exciting new series
features gaming and
Atlantic City. Check here
again for additional details.
Get ready for a hot roll. We will guide
you through an actual crap game
scenario. These shows air on Friday
evenings at 6PM (EST) and are strictly
for beginners. CUBES / CLASS 101.  
Look forward to some great
non-gambling fun...We will walk you
through a simulated game of craps.
Your next trip to Atlantic City or Las
Vegas will be much more enjoyable with
the experience and knowledge you'll gain
from the show. Relax, enjoy, and have
lots of fun!