RELAX...Getting this to work is as easy as pressing a button... the right
button. Now, the most common reason for failure, is forgetting to click the little
yellow amplifier icon on the RadioCHROMA station page, just to the right of
the parrot image (you may have to move a pop-up window out of the way if it
is blocking the yellow amplifier icon). So, if you didn't click that icon try that
now. If you could not even get to that point, please read on.

OK...perhaps a program or directive on your computer is actually not allowing
the window or the site to open. What you should try now is to copy this link:

Now you may go to 'explorer' on your desk top, and look for the display
'pop-ups allowed' or 'pop-ups not allowed'. Please click this if it displays 'not
allowed'. Pop-ups should be allowed to enable the RadioCHROMA player
window to pop-up. With 'pop-ups allowed' displayed, you may now paste that
copied address onto the search bar of 'explorer'. Click enter, go, or search,
and this should bring up the station page (with a picture of a parrot). Near this
parrot you will see a little yellow amplifier icon. Clicking on this icon should
now bring up the RadioCHROMA player window. Wait a few moments, you
should start hearing the station. If you still don't hear anything, try clicking the
green 'play' arrow control. Make sure your volume controls are on (not
muted), and check the volume levels.

Another problem that you may be encountering is the type of internet service
that you are using. Dial-up does not work well with music over the internet.
This can be corrected with 'broadband' (DSL or CABLE). It is suggested that if
you need more assistance, you can try clicking here for help:
In then event that nothing above
helped, this link may provide
some answers. Please click here.