While you listen and learn from our radio show about
how to play the casino games that we talk about, we
recommend that you click on the above '32RED' link to
*practice freely and without the pressure of a real
casino. We have chosen this cyber-casino because of
the level of realism of these games. This cyber-casino
is also the most reputable and friendly place on the
web, so have fun while you learn to play as a *guest
player, absolutely free and without real money...if that
type of play is right and appropriate for you.

(*Registering as a guest player will bring you to their
non-gaming casino.)

*RadioCHROMA disclaimer:  While we at RadioCHROMA make our
recommendations based on the integrity level and realism level of
non-gaming sites. We assume no liability nor do we provide any advice on
what casino or level one decides to play at. Whether or not the sites
provide an option to play for real money is beyond our control and the
player of a real money site assumes all and full responsibility of his actions.
It is strongly advised that the player check the local statutes including, but
not limited to, age restrictions before making a decision (to play on a real
money level.)  
Now take a look at some of the other exciting games found at 32RED! You'll feel like a kid in a candy store
when you see how many ways you can have fun winning at 32RED. Hmm...Which game to play first? There's
just so many. For the best stratagies and games, be sure to listen to the RadioCHROMA gaming specials
which include 'CUBES' and 'ON THE BOARDWALK'. If you love to gamble, we'll show you how to improve your
winning chances. We'll tell you what the best games are!
*RadioCHROMA disclaimer: Please note that our broadcasts are intended for
entertainment only. We want our listeners to benefit by being entertained while
participating in this interactive learning experience. Please note that this casino does
not accept
'real money' customers in the United States at this time. We have chosen
32RED CASINO as a learning tool based on their world reputation and licensing
qualifications in the UK, and based on the fact that one can practice at their tables for
free and in a non-gambling manner (while logged in as a guest player). We want to
urge all of our listeners to comply with all local jurisdictions, statutes, and age
restrictions if they intend to go beyond the 'just for fun stage' in any casino of their
choice. We, at RadioCHROMA, are of the opinion that a gaming experience is a
pleasant experience if it is a controlled experience. Please, exercise control and good
judgement at all times. That's what real winning is all about. RadioCHROMA wants
you to enjoy our shows and improve, as well as enhance, your gaming experiences.
We want you to experience the thrill of craps on this luxurious velvety burgundy table which can be set
to full screen size. Nobody to rush you...No costly mistakes...No embarrassement....Nothing but pure
pleasure..which is what 'CRAPS' should be all about. Next time you walk into a casino, bring your I POD
and set it to "LUCK BE A LADY TONIGHT"...Well...we'll do that for you on the show to enhance your
Now you can *play at the world famous 32RED
CASINO and experience all those exciting
games that you always wanted to learn how to
play. Our special GAMING shows will walk you
through the various games. The first step is to
establish your account as a *guest player (no
money...just for fun). Please log in by clicking
on the 32RED logo to the left.
One of the most exciting games found in
a casino, simple to play once you know
how, is called 'CRAPS'. The brand new
show 'CUBES' will teach you how to play
it! You can learn in the comfort of your
home and without any distractions, on
the very crap table that you see to the
left which allows
triple odds! The show
'CUBES' will air on Fridays at 6PM (EDT)
right here on RadioCHROMA. Be sure
you're logged in to 32RED (ahead of
time) so that we can walk you through
your first game (baby steps...if you will).
A few games (from the  many) found at 32RED that we will feature on our shows!
BACCARAT                                     BLACKJACK                   Single Zero Roullette (Monte Carlo style)